Easy Come, Easy Go!

How many times have you received your paycheck and there isn’t anything left after the bills are paid? How many times have you decided you need to supplement your income? Is your bank account going down instead of up? Would you like to see your bank account grow instead? What about paying off any debts? Paying off that Mortgage? What about that dream vacation? Or those extra things you would love to do for your children? I have stumbled on an awesome platform that can truly help with this, called Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Listen to Me – You Don’t Know Me???

Absolutely, I can be just another online individual seeking to rip someone off. Goodness knows I have been scrammed in the past. I am one of the most gullible people I know. I am a mother, wife and have 3 children. I am a full time worker as well as building a business thru Wealthy Affiliate, with the goal to earn some much-needed cash. I am middle class, but seem to have struggled financially all my adult life. I have worked hard, but I just seem to get ahead and bang a car breaks down, or the school needs money for some trip the kids want to go on. I am tired of the roller coaster and want to get off.

Well, I have tried lots of other avenues, to earn extra cash. My husband has worked two jobs at time, as have I. But is that what we want our lives to be, working ALL THE TIME. That’s not what I want and if you are reading this, it’s not want you want either.

At Wealthy Affiliate, your hard work pays off, it’s all yours and you can work on it anywhere at anytime. What a dream come true! I don’t know all the answers, or have all the questions, but I see a bright future in this platform. A little work and huge rewards.

What Am I Doing?

So what is Wealthy Affiliate all about? It is a platform that you can use to build an online business. You can learn to use the internet to build a business and create money. So I have started building a website and promoting it. Honestly, I am relatively new to this, but boy do I see the opportunities that are before me. Research and exploring can take you places you never dreamed of. Come soar with me!!

What Are The Chances

Testimonial 1

So he started out with a debt of $30,000 and had no job. Because of his age and lack of experience he had limited opportunity in the work force. But the internet never asked his age. So he learned the skill of building websites. He did make some money working on his websites offering products and joining affiliate groups. However, that soon came to an end as the affiliate (one) went out of business. Then he discovered Wealthy Affiliate, after a couple years he was only making two to three sales a month, not worth the effort. Well he decided to go one more month. Then something amazing happened, sales started coming in, so he decided to hang in there for another couple months. Well the following months got better and better. So he is on his way, debt paid off and is still earning a regular income. It can be done!

Testimonial 2

I got to quit my job (part-time) after working on my website for one year. It wasn’t until the 6th month that I started to see the income coming in and the potential. I am not “wealthy” from my website, but I feel it is the beginning of much bigger things. It is not as easy as it might seem. You’ve got to have discipline and routine when approaching your website. And you have challenges. However, I will tell you the work really is worth it and the most important thing is just being consistent and follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate and trust that this is the best platform to learn on in terms of having a blog that google likes which means money for you!

What I love…

With anything there are likes and dislikes. At Wealthy Affiliate I love the community support and network. There are so many knowledgeable people out there to help you and answer your questions. You have your live chat in which people respond to your questions immediately. You also can private message individuals. It is so amazing to have this type of support to set up your own business.

The training is incredible. I can not possibly tell you enough about the training, you have to try it. You are given a chance to try it for 7 days FREE, no money down at all. Where can you try something FREE. Other companies out there want the money up front and then you are refunded if you don’t like it. I have such faith in the program, I was signed up for PREMIUM on the 3rd day of my FREE trial. In the 7-days FREE trial you have the step by step training on building your website, you can do the Online Entrepreneur or the Affiliate Bootcamp or both for that matter on the 7-day FREE trial. You also have all the support you need. So what are you out if you try it for a week just a bit of your time.

In addition to the Bootcamp and the Online Entrepreneur training, they have live events once a week. They have a catalog of video classes, on everything you can think of. You have access to several tools within the online business. Wealthy Affiliate provides a website builder, Jazzy Lite which is a research tool, as well as other tools that will be useful.

So for the investment, you can’t go wrong. For the first 7-days it’s FREE, if you choose to go PREMIUM the first month is only $19. WOW! I spend more on coffee within a 2-week period. I can give up my fresh coffee for 2 weeks to explore this great opportunity that has been given to me.

My Dislikes

Well to be totally honest, I do not feel qualified within this platform. I really don’t know anything about building a website. I feel like I am lost sometimes. I think however this is a lack of confidence in myself. I am hesitant to ask questions, feeling they will be silly or stupid and I will be mocked for even asking. However, this has yet to happen and I feel as time moves forward I will overcome this insecurity.

Ok, here it is, it is not a quick money scheme. I am not going to get rich overnight. Bummer! I guess I could go rob a bank, but the risk is too great. Is there really such a thing out there? I don’t think so, if they say they are a get rich scheme fast, I would have to be very skeptical. I am one of the most gullible people I know and I have been scammed, but with such a small investment in this business, I am willing to give it a try.

Take The Plunge….

So, do you like to work hard and get paid for your work? Or do you like what your making presently and feel you are compensated fairly for that work? I don’t, that’s why I am trying something new and exciting. How about joining me on this journey and creating a great future for yourself and your family!. It costs you $0 today to join and you get all the training and knowledge of 1,000’s of individuals. Or start with the Premium for $19 for the first month, you decide and..

Take the Plunge….


  1. Great review on Wealthy Affiliate!
    As a member of this awesome community myself, I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote about it.
    Hopefully, you’ll get to produce even more content on this topic, more people should be aware of everything WA has to offer.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice. I too am tired of working my arse off. I like that you put how long it may realistically take to make money income on WA. I am just getting started on my site and could use ALL the help I can get.

    1. Thank you, Susan. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask. It is a terrific platform to learn with.

  3. Hello, Wanda!
    Thank you for taking the time and writing this for us. I too am a part of the WA community and it really is a great place.
    I love how everyone is willing to help and we all want to see each other grow and succeed.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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