What do you think? Does anyone have the ability to earn money on the internet? You bet!!!

Who Can Earn Money ONLINE?

Well, I knew I wanted to make money online..

So could I, that was the question. You bet I could and I didn’t need to know anything, well not really. I needed to be able to get online. So, I researched different methods of earning extra money online. There are several options out there, some to be honest are scams, some want lots of money upfront and well some just didn’t make sense to me. But I did find a couple that peaked my interest.

Market Affiliating, which is the process of adding links to your website and making a commission if the buyer chooses to buy a product you have directed them to thru your link. That sounds simple enough and well pretty awesome. All I had to do was built a website to steer potential buyers to their ideal products. Well that sounded easy right but where do I start. Well, more digging and research and there was certainly lots to read. There are lots of companies that promote Market Affiliating. Which one was the best fit for me.

Another idea for bringing in income online that I discovered, was the idea of helping other websites, thru doing surveys, testing products, testing their websites and they would pay me for that task. Well this sounded somewhat easier. More digging. So there are some websites out there like Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Project Payday, User Testing and Fiverr to name just a few with the principle on doing surveys, testing products or websites. That sounded pretty interesting.

What about dealing directly with Amazon. Amazon has a program called FBA. It stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon”. You buy products in bulk preferably and ship them to an amazon warehouse. They will store them. When your product sells, Amazon looks after the shipping and then sends you the money after they get a cut.

There are also work at home companies. These companies offer individuals the opportunity to do writing, some are for filmmakers, medical transcriptist or you can set up with a company to be a call centre. You set your hours and you general make $10 an hour plus there are commissions.

Well that is only a few ideas out there for making money online. So it is very possible to earn cash online. As to how much you want to work or how much energy you have to put into an online business there are lots of opportunities.

Well what I learned was that if I wanted an INCOME, Market Affiliating was going to be the best route for me to get to that point. Working thru other websites doing surveys, testing products, etc was only going to bring me in some extra cash for spending. The other ideas just didn’t seem like a fit for me. Decisions! I have no experience building a website, I know nothing about social networks, I don’t know about links, URL even SEO. But the Challenge had been presented!! Who was going to help me. I accidentally came across Wealthy Affiliate. This was a Marketing Affiliate company that provided the training. That was perfect, so I decided to try this avenue. Well, here was my chance at earning money online. They provide training, have the tools to build a website, live chat room, research tools, classrooms with 100+ training tutorials and videos. The support is staggering. Here is a shot at my new online income at WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

So, what was I going to do?

So, I signed up for the 7-day FREE starter program. Where can you possible try something without providing a credit card number? Well you certainly can at WEALTHY AFFILIATE. I had nothing to lose. So I started with Phase 1 of the Entrepreneur Training. So for the 7-days I had access to explore the website, I had the first 10 Lessons of Boot Camp or Entrepreneur online training available for these 7-days. I had the live chat available, as well as all the tools that are offered at WEALTHY AFFILIATE. So I explored and even set up a website, more than I would have dreamed of. So, that is where I started. If you can read and follow instructions, YES YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE.


So within the first 7 days, I learned how to pick a specific niche. Something you are passionate about, or want to learn more about or something you just like. From there you can come up with a name for your website.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a tool to assist with the searching for a usable domain name. This tool takes names that you would like for the domain and runs them thru a program and gives you statistics on the success as well as if it is available. I had my own website name.  It was just mine.  WOW!

Once you have a domain name, and you have set it up, they walk you thru this step by step.  It’s time to pick a format for your web page. There are 1200 styles available free to you and you are still on your 7-day trial. The web page is also free thru Wealthy Affiliate. I found this a very intimidating task, there where so many styles, and I just couldn’t foresee the end results, but I finally found one. From there you start to build your website. There are so many steps to do this and WEALTHY AFFIALIATE walks you thru each step. If you don’t understand ASK and you will be get an answer very quickly. There are so many like-minded people here, they just want to help you get ahead, spend time with family, get off this crazy ferris wheel that we all seem to be on and start enjoying life..

Can’t Wait to See Your Results

So, can anyone earn extra money working from home? What do you think? Are you willing to give up a few hours to explore the possibilities of some extra cash. The earning potential is whatever you desire it to be. It will not be a quick payoff, don’t expect to get rich overnight. A little work pays big dividends. This is where I wanted to start and look where I am only 3 weeks into it, I am still as excited as I was when I found this opportunity. Explore the opportunity for FREE and Sign up for 7-days with just your e-mail.

So if you are up for a challenge, explore this opportunity. You certainly have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain



Please if you require further information or have specific questions, please be sure to leave them in the comment section and I will be only too happy to help you out…

4 thoughts on “I Want To Make Money Online, Can I???

  1. I think everyone can earn money online and there are thousands if not millions of ways to make money. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the best in training people how to cash-in in affiliate marketing. And for me, it’s the best way to earn money on the Internet because, there’s not much hassle on your part. All you do is find products to promote, grab the affiliate link for that product and start promoting! It doesn’t matter how you promote it, either through a blog post or through a paid advertising. What matters most is, you get paid. Literally, everyone can make money online, and thanks to this affiliate training website. Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Hello, nice post you have here…wealthy affiliate is truly a nice way to make that cash from home with a free 7 days trial that’s meant to let you decide if you want to go all the way or opt out….I joined a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying the platform…The community is helpful and I’ve been diligently following my training…it’s a really great platform….Great post here, awesome…I’ll share it with friends.

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